PERSONAL ELEVATOR, LLC Installs Custom Cambridge Elevating Elevators In Your Home.

We offer custom residential elevator solutions that fit your home’s decor with our premium selection from Cambridge Elevating, inc.

Cambridge Elevating Offers a Versatile Selections of Styles that will Satisfy Your Needs.

When it comes to adding a personal elevator to your home, consider the Premier Manufacturer of Custom Residential Elevators, Cambridge Elevating. Personal Elevator installs all styles of elevators offered by Cambridge Elevating.

Cambridge Elevating Offers 3 Models of Residential Elevators
  • Elmira – Hydraulic elevator with an accordion or bi-folding cab gate and swing doors at each landing.
  • Heritage – Hydraulic elevator with automatic sliding door panels on the cab and swing doors on the landings.
  • Cambrian – Hydraulic elevator with automatic sliding door panels on the cab and automatic sliding doors on the landings.
Cambridge Elevating Inc Premium Manufacturer of Custom Elevators

Choose From 3 Residential Elevator Models

Cambridge Elevating Residential Elevators

Enjoy your home, your neighborhood and your way of life, long into retirement.

Increase Your Home Value
Research shows that homes with elevators will command a greater resale value and quicker sale than those without. If the subsequent buyer does not need or want an elevator, the unit can be used for storage or act as a dumb waiter to move goods between floors.

Safety Doors
All elevator doors use a CSA/UL approved electromechanical interlock for the ultimate in safety. This systems uses an electrical switch as well as a mechanical lock to ensure that the door is closed and locked properly before the elevator cab departs from the floor. This also ensures that no elevator doors can be opened unless the elevator cab is at the appropriate landing.

Safety Edge Cab
All of our elevator models include an infrared light curtain that is designed to detect obstacles that might enter the small space between the cab gate and the landing door. The elevator car will not move until the obstacle is cleared.

No Power, No Problem
In the event of a power-outage, the elevator’s battery backup will allow the cab to descend to any lower levels by pressing the desired floor button. The unit also has a manual lowering device on the power/pump unit. If assistance is required, each model is equipped with an emergency telephone. You can call for help or dial our toll free number for trouble shooting options.

No Worries Warranty
36 months limited factory parts warranty.

Inexpensive Operation
Maintenance costs are very reasonable for the average user. The amount of use will dictate the frequency of service visits required, but once per year is recommended. The elevator consumes power at a rate similar to any other household appliances.

Long Lasting & Reliable
Our elevators are designed and manufactured with commercial grade components for high traffic use, when combined with regular service your elevator will last many years without any major maintenance.

Compact Design
A typical 36” x 48” cab requires a hoist way (shaft) throughout the home of approximately 54” x 54” – the area of a medium sized walk in closet. The hydraulic pump unit and control box are typically situated adjacent to the hoistway and together are no larger than the size of a dishwasher. Cambridge Elevating can customize cab sizes to suit almost any environment.

Quiet Operation 
The hydraulic pump unit engages only when raising the elevator cab, not while descending. The noise emitted from the elevator’s power unit is as quiet as your furnace.

Elmira – Special Features
  • Manual or automatic accordion cab or PowerFold automatic bi-folding gates.
  • Integrated safety locks protect against door opening without cab present.
  • Compact design fits even the tightest floor plans.
  • Safety Edge Cab senses objects between the cab gate and landing door.
  • Emergency 24V DC battery feature provides lowering, lighting and door opening in the event of a power outage.
  • Custom cab configurations are available to fit any of your special design requirements.
Clean Appearance

Having an accordion cab gate hidden behind an interior swing door allows the elevator to blend seamlessly into any home.

Elmira melamines oak interior view
Elmira stainless steel interior view
It’s About Integration

The compact Elmira model fits virtually any new or existing home. With a very affordable purchase price and low maintenance fees, the Elmira is more economical than you might expect. The Elmira isn’t reserved just for stately mansions or palatial estates, but also for more modest surroundings. You owe it to yourself to explore how easily an Elmira can fit into your
home, regardless of style.


Elmira melamines cherry interior
Heritage – Special Features
  • Automatic sliding cab door, swing door on each landing.
  • Larger and taller cabs available.
  • Weight capacity up to 1,500 lbs.
  • DPI in the elevator car operating panel.
  • Infrared safety light curtain detects an obstructed doorway.
  • Soft recessed L.E.D. cab lighting.
Automatic Sliding Doors

The Heritage features an automatic sliding cab door that travels with the elevator. A swing door at each landing conceals the elevator shaft. When the elevator arrives at each floor the sliding cab door opens, unlocking the landing door. Only when both the landing door and sliding cab door have closed will the elevator move again.

Cambridge Door Open Close Interior Cab
It’s About Convenience

The Heritage model offers the best of both worlds; the convenience of an automatic cab door coupled with a swing door on the landing, retaining a traditional look. The elevator can be concealed behind regular or custom doors to match the decor throughout the home. Preserve your privacy by disguising your Heritage into the natural structure of your home, your guests will never even know it’s there.

Cambrian – Special Features
  • Automatic sliding doors on cab and each landing.
  • Quiet and efficient travel speed.
  • Infrared safety light curtain for added safety.
  • DPI in the elevator.
  • Custom fixtures to coordinate with interior decoration.
  • Cab finish has endless design options.
One-Touch Operation

The Cambrian is the perfect combination of form and function. The endless finish options and automatic sliding door system makes entering and exiting a Cambrian effortless. Interior choices are as mild or wild as your imagination, which can include touch screen controls, televisions, and music.

Cambrian inside cab elevator
It’s About Luxury

The versatile Cambrian is designed to reflect your discerning taste and lifestyle. Allow the essence of your home to continue through your elevator without sacrificing functionality. Customize your Cambrian with mirror, glass, stainless steel and hardwoods. Discover for yourself how Cambridge Elevating can work with you and your designer to integrate an elevator into your home with ease. Experience the ultimate in a residential elevator, custom made to your style.

Cambrian Elevator door closed
Cambrian Elevator in house

Elevator Cab Finishes & Options

1. Medium Density FiberBoard

2. Melamines


Melamines Cherry


Melamines Maple


Melamines Oak


Melamines Walnut



Melamines Black

3. Unfinished Hardwood Veneers


Birch Veneer


Cherry Veneer


Maple Veneer


Oak Veneer


Walnut Veneer

4. Stainless Steel

No.4 Brushed

No.4 Brushed Stainless Steel

1HM Dimple

1HM Dimple Stainless Steel

5WL Granular

5WL Granular Stainless Steel

4LB Mirage

4LB Mirage Stainless Steel

3ND Speckle

3ND Speckle Stainless Steel

6SL Striped

6SL Stripe Stainless Steel

5. Raised Recessed Hardwood

Recessed Single-Panel


Recessed Two-Panel


Raised Four-Panel

Raised Four-Panel

6. Add 4-step clear-coat finish to # 3 unfinished veneers, or #5 hardwood face frame

Hardware & Lighting


Call Stations

Call Station Standard

Standard Call Button

Hands Free Wave Call Station

Hands Free Wave Call Station

Digital Position Indicator Call Station

Digital Position indicated call station

Numeric Keypad Call Station

Keypad call button


Low Voltage LED Lights (Standard) 2 or 4 by model/size

Low Voltage LED Lights Standard

Low Voltage LED Lights - Set of 6 LED pin spotlights

Low Voltage LED Lights set of 6 LED pin spotlights

Fixture Finishes(Handrail, Call Station, C.O.P.)

Stainless Steel (Standard)

Stainless Steel standard Fixture Finish

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil Rubbed Bronze Fixture Finish

Antique Brass

Antique Brass Fixture Finish

Antique Nickel

Antique Nickel Fixture Finish

Handrail Options(Available in 36”, 42”, and 48” and custom lengths)

1.5” Flat (Standard)

Handrail 1.5” FLAT (Standard)

3” Flat

Handrail 3” Flat

Handrail 2" Diameter Cylinder

Handrail 2" Diameter Cylinder

Handrail 1.5" Flat Curved Ends

Handrail 1.5" Flat Curved Ends

Handrail 3” Flat

Handrail 3” Flat

Handrail 2" Flat Diameter Cylinder Curved Ends

Handrail 2" Flat Diameter Cylinder Curved Ends

Gates, Doors & Car Operating Panels

Car Operating Panels

Standard Car Operating Panel (Included)

Standard Car Operating Panel

Handrail C.O.P. (Optional)

Handrail C.O.P. Optional

Doors and Entrances


• Accordion Cab Gate (Elmira model only)

Solid Vinyl Accordion Gate (Standard)

Solid Vinyl Accordion Gate (Standard)

Visifold Clear or Bronze

Visifold Clear or Bronze


Hybrid cab gate

Aluminum Solid or Perforated

Aluminum Solid or Perforated

Automatic Sliding Cab Door Panels (Heritage & Cambrian models)

Beige Epoxy (Standard)

Beige Epoxy (Standard)

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel door Heritage and Cambrian models


Custom door Heritage and Cambrian

Unfinished Wood Veneer

Unfinished Wood Veneer Door Heritage and Cambrian

Automatic Sliding Landing Entrances (Cambrian model only)

Beige Epoxy (Standard)

Beige Epoxy (Standard) Cambrian

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel door Cambrian

(Frameless) By Others

(Frameless) By Others Door Cambrian


Custom door Cambrian model

Height Choices

  • 84”
  • 96”
  • Custom Height Cab

Cab Door
Height Choices

  • 78-3/4”
  • 84”
  • 96”

Remote Monitoring System

Introducing the new residential elevator remote monitoring system (RMS) as the next leap in the technological evolution of the home elevator industry. Your lift’s RMS allows Personal Elevator contractors to remotely view the status of your elevator lift equipment by getting real-time health status updates and email notifications when a system event is present. This not only makes us aware of your situation, but also allows us to be proactive by contacting you to let you know.

* This feature is currently available on all new elevators with the BES-3 electrical system.

  • Monitors your elevator remotely
  • Provides on-demand health status updates
  • Email alert notifications of error codes
  • Online portal of your elevator
  • Smartphone, tablet or computer accessible
  • Proactive customer service for your home elevators